Tighten Up Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Tighten up Loose SkinDarn it!  You loose all the weight and now you’re left with loose skin!  No worries you can tighten it up again with commitment to exercise and lifestyle changes.  It’s always best if you exercise along with your weight loss program because it firms you up while you loose weight.  Even so, you can still tighten up after but it will take a bit longer and the younger you are the easier it is.  Regardless, you should be proud of your accomplishments and look forward to improved health and vitality.

When losing weight you can be extremely happy to see the scale display lower and lower numbers as you work toward your goal. It’s a great feeling and one that you can be proud of but simply losing the weight doesn’t always mean the battle is over. After a significant amount of weight loss your next battle will be to tighten the excess loose skin that the weight loss left behind. The skin that used to be stretched to accommodate your weight no longer needs to and you’ll have to tighten it up in order to have your body look the way you want it to. Skin is an elastic material and once you have lost the weight, if you haven’t been working out and eating right, it will be time to tighten your body up. Following are a few things you can do tighten it up and in a healthy fashion.

Do not lose weight too quickly
When you lose weight fast, often the result of an unhealthy fad diet, you end up with excessive amounts of loose skin. When you shed pounds quickly it just isn’thealthy, and you should be losing about 3 pounds a week if you want to minimize the amount of loose excess skin you have once you reach your goal weight.

Use moisturizer on your body each night and day
Moisturizing your body at night and wear long sleeves or long pajamas to bed to ensure it stays on your skin can help keep your body’s skin smooth and tight as well as encourage the contractions that take place as you lose the weight. Moisturizing during the day and at night can help you keep your skin elastic and ultimately have it shrink along with your weight loss.

Use body scrubs that work, and do it frequently
When you scrub your skin with a healthy body scrub it can really help to tighten up loose skin, even if you are losing weight rapidly. It is suggested that you do this twice a day, three times a week.

Drink a lot of water
You are supposed to have at least eight glasses of water each day especially when losing weight. Often people tend to avoid this because of the water weight you can gain. Water weight always goes away quickest and the moisturizing effects can help skin be more elastic and also aid in flushing toxins out of your body.

Lift weights!
Lifting weights can be a great way to fill in that skin by building muscle instead of fat. Muscle also weighs more than fat and while it might take a lot longer tobuild up and maintain, consistency and commitment will get you the results you’re looking for.

Exercise as much as possible
It’s important to regularly exercise as much as possible. Get in the routine of doing exercises that include sit ups, crunches, squats, running, brisk walking, push ups, and regular cardio. Just keep moving!

Massage your skin
You may not think massaging your skin can help reset the elasticity match the new, slimmer you but it does. A massage accompanied by healthy oils like mustard oil or avariety of other healthy oils created specifically for massaging not only feels great but can renew your body’s elasticity.

Take up Yoga/Asana
There are many different kinds of exercises to do but the best Asana for you to do would be the Bhujang Asana. You lay down flat on your belly; raise your face up offthe ground as much as possible and hold. Repeat this to tighten up your stomach as much as possible.

Tighten up your stomach muscles
By simply sucking in your stomach while sitting and watching movies or playing video games you can tighten up your stomach elasticity easily.  Start the process fromyour lower core area in an elevator type of motion and hold it for a few seconds and repeat.

Avoid sweets and fructose corn syrup
These are the worst for your stomach’s elasticity. Make sure to avoid these at all costs if you want to ensure that your stomach is as tight as possible when you are losing the weight.

Protein after a workout
By eating small snacks full of protein with 100 to 200 calories you can optimize your workout and ultimately tighten the elasticity of your stomach.

Swimming for your skin
Swimming can be a great way to tighten the skin. It’s a great form of cardio and when you combine swimming with the use of soaps and body washes specifically made toremove chlorine from your body you’ll be able to tighten up your body in more than one way just by going for a quick swim.

Love Yourself
Keep in mind that as we age, our bodies don’t always perform the way they used to. Don’t expect to look like a teenage again. Instead be proud of the weight you’velost, revel in how great you look in your clothes and how fantastic you feel, full of vitality and good health!

There are many different ways to lose weight and great exercises and diets out there to make things easier for you to do so. As you lose the weight you’ll need tocontinue to work to keep your body tight and fit, you don’t want to have to deal with any loose skin and you don’t have to. By eating appropriately and doing the rightsort of exercises as well as some other “out of the box” activities like playing ball with the kids, speed walking with the dogs or even dancing around the houseyou’ll loose weight and encourage tighter skin. Whether through protein, moisturizers, cardio, a healthy diet, or whatever else you choose to do, you can tighten upyour stomach and lose healthy weight with ease.

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