Bye, Bye Holiday Weight Gain!

Bye By Holiday Weight Gain on Numeals


For the most part we all look forward to the holidays; all the parties, the presents, layers of comfy clothing, a little winter snow and last but not least; the huge amounts of holiday comfort foods that we shouldn’t be eating.  You know what I’m talking about – Christmas cookies, snickerdoodles, hot cocoa by the gallons, huge buffet tables filled with fattening but tasty treats; need I gone on?  Maybe you have the will power to avoid all these temptations but most of us don’t.

So, yes this usually causes our diet and workout routines to be abruptly kicked to the proverbial curb as well, always leading to that darned holiday weight gain.

Don’t let the holiday season throw you off track; try some of following suggestions to keep the weight off and still enjoy the merrymaking events!

Get Moving

Make it a point to get moving! Plan some outdoor fun like cross country skiing, ice skating, bundle up and play in the snow or to really burn some calories try shoveling snow for a couple of hours which can burn a whopping 200 calories.

Let the Light Shine In
Less daylight can make you feel lethargic and tired which is another reason that people aren’t as active during the winter. Take advantage of the early morning light, a powerful energy booster, by leaving your curtains or blinds open or go for a walk outdoors on any sunny day that comes your way. Sunshine is also known to increase the serotonin levels of the brain which can also reduce your food cravings.

Eat Your Breakfast
Start your day off with breakfast, especially one that includes healthy protein that can keep you from over indulging at holiday get togethers later in the day. If you have time whip up a nice egg white omelet with veggie’s or salsa and low fat cheese or chop up your favorite fruit and mix it in with some nonfat yogurt; Yum!

For most of us the holidays come with their fair share of stress from those dreaded get togethers with annoying family members, to stressing out of spending to much money on gifts, to getting mad at ourselves for over eating which leads to more over eating. When it comes to keeping weight off during the holidays reducing stress is particularly important. Make it a point to notice your stress factors and do everything you can to avoid them.

Don’t Stay Snowbound
Sick and tired of being snowbound? Then opt for indoor activities like going to the mall and window shop, go to the gym if you have membership, you get the point.

Get Your Zinc
A Journal of Nutrition found that insufficient levels of zinc have been associated with a decreased metabolic rate, and reduced calorie burn. To keep your energy levels up as well as calorie and fat burn during the holidays, eat a healthy variety of food high in zinc like whole grains, nuts, and a variety of vegetables and fruit. If you don’t think you’re getting enough zinc in your diet consider taking a multi-vitamin.

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