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Precision Money Affirmations

• I have all the power within me to earn as much money as I choose.

• I am consistently in the right vibration to earn money.

• Money flows to me from known and unknown sources.

• Money is easy to earn and attract.

• I now have all the intelligence I need to make my fortune.

• Earning money comes easily to me. I deserve all the money I want.

• I consistently use money wisely. I now have absolute certainty in my ability to generate the income I choose.

• Once I choose my financial goals, I achieve them.

• Money is everywhere, and I find it with ease.

• I now release any negative thoughts, feelings, or associations with money.

• I now give myself permission to earn as much money as I choose.

• I now live, feel, and expect an abundance of money.

• It is easy for me to earn lots of money.

• It feels so good earning the amount of money I choose.

• I now have all the confidence and certainty I need to earn as much money as I want.

• I now have a millionaire mindset.

• I am so grateful for who I am becoming so I can earn whatever amount of money I choose.

• I now release any negative experiences that I’ve had in the past with money.

• Making lots of money is so much fun.

• I love the choices that making lots of money gives me.

• With more money, I can help more people and do more good in the world.

• The more I give, the more I earn. My personality easily attracts money from many positive sources.

• I consistently take advantage of the right opportunities to earn lots of money.

• I now release any emotions and negative people that may have hindered me from earning all the money I can in the past.

• I think, feel, and act rich because I am.

• I deserve to earn all the income I choose and am capable of earning.

• I am so happy and grateful that all these beliefs about money are true right now, and they are.

• I am now fulfilling my financial destiny to be rich.

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