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Live, Laugh, Love, Enjoy the Ride

There’s is no stopping the clock so move past it and enjoy your life now. Ignore the numbers at least when it comes to your age. So live life, be happy, take good care of your health and have fun!

Here are 10 quick tips for Staying Young!

1. Ignore the numbers – at least when it comes to your age. Just take good care of yourself, eat right as often as possible and be happy. We all get older – it’s unavoidable. What matters is how we live it – not the numbers.

2. Surround yourself with positive, happy people. The negative, grumping, complaining people will only bring you down. Keep learning. Read, start a new hobby, fly a kite, play brain teaser games, take a fun class or two. Take a dance class! How fun!

4. Enjoy the simple things in life. A nice walk, dinner with friends, working in your garden, spending time with your children, bird watching, feeling a cool breeze on your face.Laugh often, long and loud. Feels great – laughter is the best medicine! Having a tough time? Lose someone close to you? Seek out support of friends or a support group. You’ll get through it. We all do. Just surround yourself with what you love be it family or pets, and music. And remember time heals all wounds.

5. Treat your body like a temple not a wastebasket. If you’re in great healthy, preserve it. If your not, improve it. Stay active, work to control stress, eat healthy as often as possible.

6. Don’t take guilt trips. Guilt is a spirit killer. Let it go.

7. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity. Someone you love wants to spend time with you drop everything and do it. Especially your children. Time passes so quickly. Enjoy every moment with them.

8. If you smoke quit smoking now. It takes years off your life! Keep those years for all the fun you’re going to have!

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