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How to Play with your Cat or Kittens

The Right Toys

Finding the right toy is easy. Anywhere from a wad of paper to catnip toys or pet safe strings & feathers. Just be careful and keep your hands at a distance.

Here is a list to help you choose the right toys for your fur babies.

Toys that Make Noise

Toys that have a bells or ‘squeakers’ are really fun to give your cat . Our cats favorite is a movement sensitive bird that tweets when there is movement close by.

The important point to remember with toys is that you need to alternate prevent boredom. Just put out one or two toys and change them often. This will be much more interesting for your cat.


The best toys for play for you and your cat are the ones with a wand and a string attached and usually a feather, ball or other toy attached at the end. They’ll Love it and you’ll have a great time!. Swing it around – let them stalk it – they’ll go crazy.

How often should you play?

Two or more play times a day would be perfect for both you and your cat. Ours are livelier in the evening but it depends on the toy.  I have one boy that actually brings me his favorite toy when he wants to play 🙂

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