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Fun Facts About Cats

Cats are sleepy heads, averaging around 16 hours a day, getting virtually more sleep any other animal.

Normal body temperature for a cat is between 100.5 F and 102.5 F.

Like the frequency of an idling diesel engine, cats purr about 26 cycles per second.In the animal kingdom, the cat’s IQ is surpassed by monkeys and chimps.

Cat’s aren’t particularly color blind. They can see green, blue and red.All calico cats are female (Genetics).

Only about 80% of cats have the gene that allows them to respond to the effects of catnip. The other 20% are not affected by it.

A cat’s sense of smell is about 14 times stronger than ours.

Cats have over 100 vocals sounds, while dogs have only 10.

The only “natural” breed of domestic cat in America is the Main Coon.

Cats have 30 muscles in their ears that control the outer ear, humans have only six. By rotating 180 degrees, these muscles allow cats to hear in all directions without moving their heads.Stroking a cat can lower your blood pressure.A cats sense of smell is fourteen times stronger than ours.There are approximately 244 bones in a cat’s body, which is about 40 more than in a human body.

Cats use their whiskers to determine if the space they are entering is big enough for them.

One way a cat shows s/he trusts you is by rolling over on his/her back.

Cats drink liquid from the underside of their tongue, not from the top.

To calm a frightened cat put your hand over his/her eyes and forehead or let him/her bury his/her head in your armpit.

Cats need to play – the more you play with them the more they will bond with you and love you forever!

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