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Easy Tips for Cooking Fish

If you would like to add more fish to your diet here are some tips for cooking great fish. This these tips you’re be able to transform your recipe, turning it into your own specialty.


Grilling is a fantastic approach of preparing fish. You can grill it outdoors or on an indoor grill like a Forman. Just be sure and spray the grill a bit with extra virgin olive oil to prevent sticking.


Broiling fish is a favorite creating a nice, crispy fish. Broiling will work with virtually any kind of fish steak. Spice up the fish steaks as well as brush them with olive oil. Set the steaks on a broiler pan in the oven and broil for around 4 to 6 min’s on both sides until opaque in the center.


Sauteing is another great option and works with virtually any kind of skin free fish fillet. To start with, spice up the fish. Next heat up 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil (preferably extra virgin because it doesn’t burn) in a frying pan around medium high temps. Cook your fish for 2 to 3 min’s on each side per 3/4 inch of thickness.


You can poach your fish which works well with firm fish steaks or fillets. Put your fish in a sauce pan or deeper style skillet as well as sufficient water, fish stock or wine just covering the fish. Add the spices of your choice. Slowly bring to a simmer over medium heat. Continue simmering the fish for around 10 mins or until such time as the center of the fish is opaque in color. Remove the fish from the pan using a spatula. If you like you can use the fish stock to make a sauce.


Baking fish is another easy option. First spray a light coating of olive oil onto baking sheet.. Put your spiced fish steaks or fillets onto the baking sheet and cook for approximately 7 to 10 mins for every inch of thickness and you don’t need to turn the fish over during the cooking time.

Is It Done?

You can tell if your fish is done cooking by sticking it with a fork at its thickest part. Flawlessly cooked fish will be opaque and easily flake. Fish that is under cooked will look raw. The exceptions to the rule are Tuna and Salmon which can both can be eaten when pink on the inside if they are really fresh.

To ensure that your fish stays fresh, if it’s frozen, thaw it out in the refrigerator. Never do it in the microwave or on the counter.

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