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Be Your Own Best Friend

Do you constantly criticize yourself? Do you beat yourself up a few times a day when you make a mistake? I know I do. Sometime I’ll make a mistake something as simple as eating before bed forgetting to return a phone – no big hairy deal, right? Yet I said out loud, “Oh, you dumb @#$%!” Sometimes even that small an incident resonates in the brain, reinforcing a negative self-image. And if it happens again and again it’s even worse. Try to remind yourself of this….would you talk to your best best friend that that? Would you criticize a small child yelling at them? Never – at least the majority of us wouldn’t.

Don’t Listen to that Negative Inner Voice

That negative, mean inner voice can be challenged and recreated into more nuturing and merciful. So be your own best friend. Find a mantra that works for you when you get in this state. Look the the mirror and tell yourself “I am a Fantastic Person. I am worth of love and respect. Any mistake I make I learn from and the learning of it with change my life for the better. Then, even say “I Love You” while looking yourself directly in the eyes. May sound corny but it really works.

Some other tips:

1. Think of the nicest, kindest person you know. The most encouraging friend, most loving family member who thinks you hung the moon. Keep their voice in your head.

2. Remind yourself of past success.

3. Remember you can’t please all of the people all of the time – so you deserve some kindness – and from yourself!

You Deserve to be Happy! Give yourself a hug, a word of encouragement and reminders that you are a survivor – and yes – that you ROCK!!!

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