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Young & Sexy Looking Hair at Any Age

You can keep your hair young and sexy looking at any age however it does get coarse with time and abuse (coloring, perms, etc) so need to to show it some love now more than in the past and these tips will help.

Long Hair

You can keep your long hair you’ll just need to show it more TLC. Invest in good conditioners and gloss and also keep it trimmed on a regular basis. And if you have soft layers added it will soften your look.


Bangs are great however go with a nice, soft textured bang. The chopped straight bang can be a little severe for more mature women.

40 Plus Hair

40+ hair is drier due to a drop in natural oil production. Choose a hair care product that contains moisturizing alcohols and hair strengthening proteins. Use a leave in moisturizer on a regular basis if you use curling or flat irons.

At Home Color

Only touch up the regrowth – don’t keep recoloring all your hair each time your roots grow out. Just leave the color on the roots for 5 to 10 minutes then quickly run it through the rest of your hair. A couple of highlights around the face are a fun addition also – just follow the directions carefully and don’t go more than a couple shades lighter.

Hair Color Choices

Make sure you pick one that matches your complexion and skin tone. Don’t go to dark. Going to dark can draw attention to wrinkles.

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