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You Can Stop Emotional Eating

We’ve all done it. Starting off the day eating right, get that annoying phone call and blam! All of a sudden your mindlessly eating everything in sight! We often eat to relieve stress what sucks is stress can cause you to craze high sugar foods or Carbs – the ones that go straight to your tummy and cause more stress! Yikes!

To derail these reactions to stress we need to create new habits to help us deal with stressful situatons, boredom or self-esteem issues. Try to see the major reasons for your feelings and them fight them!

Here are some actions you can take to create new habits and kick emotional eating to the curb!

Get the junk foods out of the house now!
Take a walk.
Breath deep and find your happy place
Keep your goal handy. Mine is taped to by bedroom closet door so I see it when I go to bed and when I get up.
Surround yourself with positive images, quotes, photos of friends and goals. Create a dream board to remind me of all the wonderful things I have to look forward to and the clothes you’ll be fitting in soon.
Keep a journal. List your accomplishments no matter how big or small.
Keep a food journal. Include when you eat and why.
Here are some good snack foods to keep on hand for those weak moments.
Apple or orange slices
Carrot sticks
Whole wheat toast
Bran muffin
Fruit smoothie
Yogurt with berries added
Low cal/low fat pudding
Fun flavored Yogurt like Raspberry Cheesecake 🙂
Always a great choice – Have a cup of tea. It’s soothing and will take just enough time to drink that you’ll change your mind about eating.

Nothing happens over night and we all have weak moments.  The good news is that these tips will help.

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