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Healthy Fun Facts

Healthy living can be fun … yes it really can! Just put on your head phones, turn on the tunes, and dance your heart out! Go out with the girls (or boys) have a great dinner and enjoy a little retail therapy. Hug your kids, spending every moment you can with them sharing stories and laughing. Basically, enjoy your life and live long enough to have it all!

1. Practicing deep breathing techniques will reduce muscle attention and blood pressure.

2. Laugh it up! Laughing will supercharge your immune system and reduces stress hormones.

3. Gently massaging the space in between the eyebrows will lead to a deep sleep.

4. Two thirds of individuals taking allergy medications might not have allergies.

5. Eating toast before you go to bed can cause a carb powered serotonin boost that encourages sleeping.

6. Get out and hang with your friends. Hooking up with a fun friend will boost your immune system as well as your mood.

7. Be happy and positive. A pessimistic outlook on life can make you 4 times more likely to get a cold.

8. Exercising at least six hours a week can cut the chance of ovarian cancer by 27%.

9. If you eat fish at least once a week may lower the risk of depression by 30%.

10. Having a sexual fantasy when you;re feeling sore or achy can double your pain thresh hold.

11. Petting just about any animal can instantly relieve stress.

12. Dancing to the music while cleaning house (or not) is a fun way to fit a cardio workout into your day.

13. If you soak your feet for 20 minutes in black tea brewed in warm water can make smelly feet smell sweet.

14. Play with a baby, make them smile or laugh out loud. Nothing raises the spirit like a baby laughing.

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