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Don’t Derail your Diet

Do you feel over stuffed after dining out? And sometimes avoid going out to dinner with friends because you always end up overeating and the pounds just suddenly appear? It’s no surprise with the huge portions served! All you need to do is pay attention to the commercials – wow! Supersized Everything!

Try these tips the next time you dine out.

  • When you’ve finished about half the food on your plate, take a 5 minute pause and visit or drink some water. This will give your body a moment to decide whether it’s still hungry. It can take 20 minutes for our stomachs to begin registering fullness so slow down before you’re stuffed. If you’re still hungry eat a little more. This is a good move because at least you’ll know if your eating out of hunger or habit.
  • Order only a half order of a meal. Most places will do this or at least package up the other half to go. Just ask – it can’t hurt.
  • Instead of a fattening high calorie side dish order an extra side of vegetables.
  • Avoid Appetizers and bread. If it’s to tempting only allow yourself 1 piece of bread and order a healthy appetizer – something not fried 🙂
  • Avoid dishes with gravy and sauces or order it on the side and lightly dip.
  • Avoid any fried foods
  • Order the light version of salad dressing. Salads are healthy but full calorie/fat dressing and defeat the purpose.
  • Use sour cream/butter lightly if at all.
  • Drink water, sparkling water with lemon or lime instead of pop.

Don’t Let Dining Out Derail Your Diet – with just a few small changes you can stay on track and lose those pesky pounds.

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